Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tim's 90 Day Challenge


Time has a tendency to take a toll on everyone.  For my husband, Tim, that was definitely true.  Over the years he has been an extremely healthy man and has definitely taken advantage of that.  He has never taken a daily vitamin, skipped meals and has eaten any and everything he wanted.  He would eat large meals and about two boxes of snacks a day.  As of late he has gained a few pounds, been tired and frankly a little cranky.

 I have gently asked him over the years to take a multi-vitamin, come to sleep earlier and make healthier food choices.  Adding healthy foods to his diet was not a problem, but he was not interested in the rest.  Three weeks ago he decided it was time for a change.  He started Body by Vi's 90 day challenge and has never been happier.  He has lost 14 pounds, has more energy than he has in awhile and has a better attitude.  He drinks one shake for breakfast, which used to be a meal he skipped.  He no longer has the cravings to eat all day.  So he has about three snacks and a small sensible lunch and dinner. 

He did this for us as much as for himself and we are glad he did!  Thank you, honey!

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