Publix 101

(The coupon policy varies by area)

The sales ad runs every Thursday - Wednesday or Wednesday - Tuesday depending on your area.  In Jacksonville, FL our ad runs Thursday - Wednesday.

The sales cycle every 6 - 8 weeks.  So a good rule of thumb is to buy enough to stock up until the next sales cycle.

The sales ad are packed full of BOGO (buy one get one) FREE items which is the best way to save at Publix.  In Florida we have true BOGOs where you pay for one and the second item is FREE.  Other states receive both items at 50% off.  Publix allows you to use two coupons for each BOGO deal which really allows for maximum savings.

Publix also has store coupons which you can stack with a manufacturer coupon.  Publix allows one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon to be redeemed for each item.  To tell the difference between a store and manufacturer coupon a store coupon has a look up and a manufacturer coupon's UPC begins with 5. 

Publix accepts competitor coupons as well.  Please check with your store as each has its own policy as to which ones they accept.