Now that you have decided to use coupons…where can you find them?

  1. Inserts – They are found in the Sunday newspaper.  Buy as many as you need based on your need.  I have a family of 4 and have found that two sets of coupons (or two newspapers) fit our needs.

  1. Internet – Coupons can be printed directly from a variety of web pages.  The coupons can be printed twice.  Listed below are some sites where coupons can be printed. 

  1. Magazines – All You is packed full of coupons each month.  It also seems that more magazine companies are starting to include coupons.  So check all of your magazines for additional savings.

  1. Grocery Store – As you go through the grocery store look for tearpads and blinkies. 

  1. Booklets – These can be found in the grocery store.

  1. E-mail Companies – Send companies a compliment or complaint along with your name and address and they may send you coupons.  I have not tried this personally but many have with great success.

  1. Samples – Sign up for free samples and many come with one or two coupons.

  1. Buy – Coupons can be purchased through coupon clipping services.  I have included the two sites I have purchased from.

  1. Trade – Coupons can be traded with fellow couponers through forums.  A great forum is