Monday, October 25, 2010

How I Save Money on Meat

I buy meat for my family at a meat market.  They meat is either cheaper or comparable in price to the grocery store’s sale price and the meat’s quality is fantastic.  At the meat shop I choose to shop they offer a daily deal which make for an even better deal.  They have a calendar at checkout that you can take with you listing each day’s deal.  As an example they sell 5 lbs. of ground beef at a regular price of $8.99 ($1.80/lb.).  The deals over the past few months have been B1G1 (10 lbs. for $8.99) or 5 lbs. for $6.99.  In my opinion how can you beat a deal like that?  Just imagine a deal like this on a variety of meat (and select seafood and vegetable) items.

If you haven’t checked out your local meat market I would highly recommend it.  We had an article in the Florida Time's Union last week about local meat shops in Northeast Florida that is worth the read.

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